Hidden Getaways for Couples Looking for Quiet Relaxation

Ready to plan a romantic getaway or honeymoon, but don’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city? No, problem! Sure, there’s always Paris or Venice, but there are other romantic getaways around the world that don’t involve tons of crowds. Who needs to drown in a sea of tourists when you can relax with your significant other on a quiet beach or lake. Here, you can discover some of the best-hidden getaways for couples.

Cinque Terre, Italy


Cinque Terre, otherwise known as the “Five Lands” in Italian, is the colorful gem of western Italy. These five fairytale-like towns, situated on the coast of the Liguria region, have multi-hued edifices that rise majestically out of the Mediterranean Sea. Cinque Terre’s rugged hills offer lovely views of the turquoise blue water and local Italian life. There’s nothing more romantic than sitting outside at a restaurant in one of these towns, drinking an aroma-filled glass of red wine or Prosecco. Since the villages are very close to each other, it’s easy to travel through Cinque Terre by train or foot. There are very few hotels in each of the towns, so you won’t be too overwhelmed by tourists. It’s a quiet escape that should definitely be on your bucket list. 

The Maldives

This luxury wonderland of white, sandy, turquoise lagoons is the premier destination of hidden getaways around the world. The Maldives are a tropical Eden with 200 inhabited islands and 80 islands with tourist resorts in the Indian Ocean. For anyone obsessed with clear blue waters, these are probably some of the clearest you’ll ever see. Stay at the Four Seasons at the Maldives for a truly elegant experience. At the resort’s Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere, snorkel with the world’s largest population of manta rays, go kite-surfing and see sea turtles at a sea turtle rehabilitation area. Or, simply hang out at one of the pristine beaches on the resort’s private island. Bask away in the beautiful sun!

Blue Lagoon Retreat, Iceland


Visit Iceland’s most visited attraction and stay at its romantic 5-star hotel. Just 30-minutes away from Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon is a man-made geothermal spa perfect for a couple’s getaway. It’s literally one of the best places to relax in the world, where you’ll view harmonious natural landscapes surrounding a rocky coal-colored lava field. The contrast between the black rocks and sky blue spa is simply breathtaking. To complete the experience, definitely stay at the lagoon’s 62-suite luxury hotel, called the Retreat. The resort offers contemporary rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, so travelers can enjoy the best views of the Blue Lagoon and the natural beauty surrounding it. You can even get a suite that offers direct access to the spa. Just picture you and your significant other, just a few feet away from a relaxation haven. 

Whitsunday Island, Australia


Australia’s Whitsunday Island is the queen of white sandy beaches. Considered one of the most gorgeous islands in Australia, this paradise’s sensation, Whitehaven Beach attracts travelers far and wide. The beach’s wondrous, unspoiled silica sand stretches for 7km and is home to a variety of small coves, lagoons, and inlets that you can explore with your sweetheart. You’ll love how the extremely fine silica sand melts into your feet while walking along the beach. Its super soft grains really make it some of the highest quality sand on the planet. Stay at the nearby Hamilton Island, filled with many all-inclusive resorts for the ideal honeymoon. You can take a boat to Whitsunday from there.

The Exumas, Bahamas


The Exumas are probably the only place where sapphire-blue water meets swimming pigs. These islands are packed with romantic all-inclusive resorts and footprint-free beaches, making them the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Plus, who doesn’t love cute domesticated pigs! You can find them swimming around Pig Beach (what a surprising name) on a tiny Bahaman island called Big Major’s Spot. The pigs are super friendly and make any trip to the Bahamas a special treat. If you take a boat out onto the water, don’t be surprised if one of these little guys comes up to get fed. Have something yummy ready for them!

Lofoten, Norway


With monumental mountain peaks and alluring artic fjords, Lofoten is a peaceful Scandinavian escape with rich Viking heritage. Stay in a cabin hotel to immerse yourself in a true Norwegian holiday. Also, get a unique cultural experience at the Loftr Viking Museum—the longest Viking Longhouse in the world and one of Loften’s finest treasures. After learning some history, you and your significant other can cuddle up next to a warm fire or explore the great outdoors. There are plenty of fun activities to do in Lofoten, like hiking, skiing, fishing, ocean rafting, scuba diving and even birdwatching. Lofoten is known for its sea eagles and millions of other seabirds, including vibrantly colored puffins. So, keep an eye out for them!

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand


Just an hour away from Phuket, is Thailand’s most dream-like island. You may have even seen it in the film, The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio, but don’t worry—unlike the movie, nothing’s going to go wrong in this paradise! This is Ko Phi Phi, an island with crisp aquamarine waters, charming long tail boats and pure serenity. If you want to stay in a tranquil haven, book a room at Phi Phi Island Village Beach resort, where you’ll relax in a scenery of swaying coconut palms and sparkling shoreline. You have the choice to stay in one of the resort’s secluded bungalows. Here, you can unwind and enjoy the comfortable and idyllic vistas of these beautiful surroundings. 

Aspen, USA


Planning a winter honeymoon? Look no further than Aspen, Colorado. As a premier ski resort destination, Aspen offers the experience of winter luxury and tranquility in the rugged Rocky Mountains. You have the option to stay in gorgeous hotels, eat at 5-star restaurants and ski on some of the best slopes in the USA. Coming in the summer? There’s still plenty to do! Go hiking, biking, or try some horseback riding trails with your significant other. You can also visit the Maroon Bells, some of most photographed mountains in the world. They’re such a magnificent and romantic sight for all couples to see.


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