Hidden Getaways for Couples Looking for Quiet Relaxation

Ready to plan a romantic getaway or honeymoon, but don’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city? No, problem! Sure, there’s always Paris or Venice, but there are other romantic getaways around the world that don’t involve tons of crowds. Who needs to drown in a sea of tourists when you can relax with your significant other on a quiet beach or lake. Here, you can discover some of the best-hidden getaways for couples. Cinque Terre, Italy   Cinque Terre, otherwise known as the “Five Lands” in Italian, is the colorful gem of western Italy. These five fairytale-like towns, situated on the coast of the Liguria region, have multi-hued edifices that rise majestically out of the Mediterranean Sea. Cinque Terre’s rugged hills offer lovely views of the turquoise blue water and local Italian life. There’s nothing more romantic than sitting outside at a restaurant in one [...]

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How to Travel As A Broke College Student

In college, you’re young, wild and free. So, why not see the world? Whether you want to take a gap year, that spring break trip you’ve always dreamed of or go on a study abroad, traveling is an exciting and eye-opening experience. Although, I'm sure you know that otherwise you probably wouldn't be reading this. Traveling while you’re a young adult may be the best time to travel while you're free of responsibilities and probably in great shape. But, how do you do it? It’s no secret that college students may be strapped for cash from time to time. When you look at  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and almost any other site that allows you to share pictures,  it makes traveling seem like a luxury that only rich people can afford. Let me tell you this now, this is  NOT true. Newsflash! You can travel and be broke at the same [...]

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