How to Travel As A Broke College Student

In college, you’re young, wild and free. So, why not see the world? Whether you want to take a gap year, that spring break trip you’ve always dreamed of or go on a study abroad, traveling is an exciting and eye-opening experience. Although, I'm sure you know that otherwise you probably wouldn't be reading this. Traveling while you’re a young adult may be the best time to travel while you're free of responsibilities and probably in great shape. But, how do you do it? It’s no secret that college students may be strapped for cash from time to time. When you look at  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and almost any other site that allows you to share pictures,  it makes traveling seem like a luxury that only rich people can afford. Let me tell you this now, this is  NOT true. Newsflash! You can travel and be broke at the same [...]

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How To Plan A Perfect Adventure Trip With Your College Mates

Planning an adventure trip is not an easy task but planning an adventure trip with your college mates is probably the most difficult thing ever. The reason is all of them want the things to go their way and as the trip planner, you must pay heed to the personal likes and dislikes of everyone. So, if you are stressed out how to plan your next adventure trip with your college friends, here is a step-by-step guide which can greatly help you through your ordeal! 1. Where do you want to go? First and foremost, you have to decide where you want to go. This also includes what type of adventure you are looking for. Decide if you want to go surfing or diving? Desert safari or hunting? If you are confused between several options from your mates, go for the one proposed by the most number of people. Finalize [...]

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6 Unforgettable Adventures For College Students

College is that time of life which is itself filled with adventure and thrill. But if you belong to that group of people who want to live every moment and get the most out of their college life, here are 6 unforgettable adventures that you must plan with your college mates so as to make this era of your life even more thrilling and memorable! 1. Volcano surfing in Nicaragua The Republic of Nicaragua, situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean is known for its terrain of lakes, beaches, and volcanoes. Volcano surfing is an extreme sport in Nicaragua that can be performed on the slope of the volcano Cerro Negro.  The downhill surfing is done on a specially designed board of plywood or metal. It takes around 45 minutes to climb the mountain before you can enjoy the thrilling descent. However, don’t forget to wear the knee [...]

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