6 Unforgettable Adventures For College Students

College is that time of life which is itself filled with adventure and thrill. But if you belong to that group of people who want to live every moment and get the most out of their college life, here are 6 unforgettable adventures that you must plan with your college mates so as to make this era of your life even more thrilling and memorable!

1. Volcano surfing in Nicaragua

The Republic of Nicaragua, situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean is known for its terrain of lakes, beaches, and volcanoes. Volcano surfing is an extreme sport in Nicaragua that can be performed on the slope of the volcano Cerro Negro. 

The downhill surfing is done on a specially designed board of plywood or metal. It takes around 45 minutes to climb the mountain before you can enjoy the thrilling descent. However, don’t forget to wear the knee pads, special clothing, and eye protection before you perform this insane sport. 

2. Hiking in Mount Huashan in China

The hike on Mount Huashan in China is a very unique, exciting and enlightening experience. The mountain is included in the list of World Heritage of natural sites. After climbing 1000 meters of challenging mountain, the ‘Light of Buddha’ (a circular rainbow) can be observed which is a special natural phenomenon occurring due to the clouds being lower than the top of the mountain.

3. Paragliding in the Jungfrau, Switzerland

If you are into real adventure, paragliding in Jungfrau, Switzerland is the best way to get tons of adrenaline rushing in your blood. The para-gliders are hooked to a powered plane and carried to the height of two to three thousand meters from where they dive down toward the ground. And with the latest safety equipment, you can now easily enjoy the incredible views of the Swiss landscapes without putting yourself in danger.

4. Diving with whale sharks in Australia

If gliding over the Alps is not exciting and thrilling enough for you, this sure will be. You can dive with the whale sharks from the Ningaloo Reef, the Dangerous Reef, or the Little English and Sibsey Islands. The diving is performed in specially designed cages which are lowered up to the depth of 27 meters. 

Although, it is totally safe, seeing the deadly creatures so close will surely give any college student tons of adrenaline. Some sharks might just sail by silently while others can even show aggression toward the divers but rest assured, the cage will keep you safe.

5. Swimming in the Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia

If you consider yourself a true daredevil, swimming in Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls, Zambia is the real adventure for you. Not everyone has the nerves strong enough to swim in the Devil’s Pool which is located at the edge of the Victoria Falls. 

Just imagining yourself swimming in a pool an arm’s length from water falling 128 meters is enough to increase your heartbeat. However, you will not fall into the waterfall as the stone walls at the edge of the fall below the water safeguard the swimmers against falling down.

6. Blowhole diving in Australia 

If you are into exploring the seabed, you should definitely give a chance to blow hole diving from Lady Eliot Island in Australia. The blowhole has a depth of up to 15 meters and turns into a cave of 20-meter diameter. You can see a number of species of eels, sharks, turtles, fish, and coral from there. 

So, are you ready to experience these adventures? But make sure to make a plan with your college mates since their company will make these adventures even more fun!

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